Summer Reading Program!

The Summer Reading Program is a super fun series of free events and programs at the Altamont Free Library that celebrates reading, creativity and summer fun! Keep track of your reading and other activities with our Summer Reading  Bingo Card so that you can start working your way towards winning awesome prizes! Come on into the library to register for the SRP today!


Summer Reading Launch Party Friday, June 28th @ 5pm

Sign up for the Summer Reading Program, get your BINGO card and get ready to blast off into the summer! We’ll have space snacks, space crafts, and lots of space fun!

Read to the Moon and Back All Summer Long

When Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin flew to the moon, they were traveling in outer space for 11,719 minutes. Do you think that we can work together to read for that long? Follow your and your friends progress on the space map in the library all summer long!

Help Find Astro Monkey  All Summer Long

Astro the Monkey is hiding all over Altamont! Help find him every week to be entered into a special raffle!

Space Crafty Mornings Thursday & Friday mornings from 10am to 11:30am

Drop into the library for ten minutes or an hour and get into these craft and project-based activities. Come once a week to learn a new craft or each day to work on a big project!

July 5: A Star is Born!

Kick off the Summer Reading Program with a trip to the stars! We’re making star jars and learning all about our twinkly little (but actually really big!) nighttime friends!

July 11 & 12: Planet Altamont

This week we’ll explore the other planets in our solar system and maybe we’ll make one of our own!

July 18 & 19: Rockets Rock

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing by learning all about astronauts and the rockets they fly!

July 25 & 26: Constellations

Pictures in the stars remind us of stories from long ago. Learn all about them and make up some new stories of your own!

August 1 & 2: The Moon Rocks!

It’s always there, even when we can’t see it. Learn all about our nearest neighbor and space BFF, the moon!

August 8 & 9: The Sun

Join us to thank the sun for all the light and heat it gives us, just don’t stare at it!

August 9-15 Turn in your BINGO Cards

One last week to turn in your BINGO Cards and finish up work on any projects you’ve worked on this summer.

Kelly Martin Animal Jam Wednesday, July 17th @6pm

Meet a variety of wild local animals as Wildlife Rehabilitator Kelly Martin teaches us all about our animal neighbors and about her years of experience in reintegrating injured animals into the wild.

Summer Reading Celebration and Prize Pickup Friday, August 16th @ 5pm

Celebrate all of the reading, rocking, crafting, and learning you’ve done all summer with an out of this world celebration, pick up your prizes and chill out with an ice cream sundae!

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