Mango Languages

  • All libraries in the Upper Hudson Library System now offer Mango Languages, a fun and easy to use, self-paced language learning program with courses in over 70 languages!
  • Library patrons can create an account using their email address and start learning right away.
  • Mango language courses are accessible on a computer or an Apple or Android mobile device using free apps that allow users to take their learning with them, with or without an internet connection
  • Mango offers an “autoplay” audio feature for learning on-the-go with ease. This feature can be found in the mobile app’s settings.
  • Available courses include widely spoken languages, like Italian and Chinese, as well as less commonly used languages, such as Biblical Hebrew and Scottish Gaelic.
  • A number of specialty language courses are also available, such as Medical Spanish and Oktoberfest German.
  • English language learners will also benefit—there are 17 ESOL courses.
  • Mango teaches users practical vocabulary. No “The carriage is stuck in the ditch,” here!
  • Pronunciation is demonstrated by professional native speakers of the language you wish to learn. Users can hear words in any language offered both at a conversational speed and at a slowed down, easier to understand speed.
  • Users will find cultural notes in each chapter, which provide context for language usage.
  • Both understood and literal translations are available, and both translations are color coded. This helps users see how sentences are structured. In other words, Mango teaches grammar without the user ever noticing!
  • Users can also opt to learn by watching foreign films with the Mango Premier feature (desktop only).

To get started with Mango Languages, click here.

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