Flipster Magazines


PLEASE NOTE: UHLS has switched digital magazine services. In 2017, Digital Magazines will no longer be available in OverDrive. Here’s what you need to know to get psyched about Flipster:

  • Easy access with just a library card—no separate account to set up.
  • Patrons can access digital magazines on their phone, computer, or tablet:
    • Desktop or mobile browser access: Flipster use begins with library websites—patrons will not start in the app for discovery. With just one click, patrons can read magazines directly in their browser—and have the option to download titles to the app.
    • App downloads: Patrons can also download magazines to a mobile device and read them while offline using the Flipster app. The app manages magazines downloaded from the website and does not require an account. There is no limit to how many magazines can be downloaded into the app at once (storage permitting).
  • Limited vs Unlimited Use :
    • Unlimited: Many Flipster magazines have unlimited simultaneous use. This means that it does not matter how many patrons are currently reading a magazine in their browser or have downloaded it into the app—it will always be available.
    • Limited: If a magazine has limited use, it will have a loan period when it is downloaded into the app.
      • The titles that have limited use restrict the number of issues that can be checked out at a time. This means that once one patron’s copy is returned, it will be available for another patron to check out.
    • Cover Page and Table of Contents:
      • In the app: When opening a magazine in the app, users will see article titles on the cover page and on the table of contents highlighted in yellow. Users can click on these titles to go directly to the articles.
      • In a browser: When opening a magazine in a browser, patrons can scroll over article titles on the cover page and table of contents to see the yellow highlighting. Again, anything highlighted in yellow is a link!

Back issues since June, 2014 are also available.

To get started with Flipster, click here!

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