Ebay Giving Works

The Altamont Free Library is now a member of eBay Giving Works, which will allow eBay users to make tax deductible donations directly to the library’s capital campaign.

eBay Giving Works is a part of eBay’s online marketplace where anyone can buy, sell or donate to benefit nonprofit organizations. Sellers can donate anywhere from 10% to 100% (minimum $1) of an item’s final sale price. Buyers can buy an item and give to the Library at checkout. eBay users also have the option of donating to the library through the “Donate Now” feature, which lets anyone with a PayPal account donate directly to the library without buying or selling anything.

To support the Library through eBay, you must designate the Altamont Free Library as your favorite nonprofit. There are two ways to do this:

1. Go to My eBay (you might need to sign in or register); under the Account tab find your Donation Account. In the My Favorite Nonprofit section, use the search tool to find Altamont Free Library and click on it.

2. Go to eBay Giving Works and scroll down to the “Shop By” section to search the nonprofits for the Altamont Free Library. Click the “view” button in the “About My Nonprofit” column to bring you to the Library’s page. Click “save to favorites” (you may be asked to sign in).

That’s it! Next time – and every time – you buy or sell on eBay, you can give a little extra to help our Library.

There are three ways to donate through eBay:

1. Selling: to sell an item to benefit the Library, go to www.ebaygivingworks.com to designate the Library as your favorite nonprofit (see above), determine how much of your proceeds you want to donate, create your listing (a step by step tutorial is available to use on eBay). Every eBay Giving Works listing stands out from regular eBay listings with the special charity ribbon. This tells buyers that these listings are benefiting a good cause. You will also receive a credit back on listing fees from eBay based on how much you choose to donate.

2. Buying:

a. You can search to buy items that benefit the Library by going to www.ebaygivingworks.com and scroll down to the “Shop By” section to search for the Altamont Free Library items.

b. You can give to the Library at checkout by designating the library as your favorite nonprofit (see above). Once you buy any item, at checkout you can enter how much you want to donate (between $1 – $25) and it will be automatically added to the transaction. Your donation will be tax deductible and there is no obligation to donate or extra charge for the donation.

3. Direct Donations: You can send a direct cash gift to the Library through PayPal by designating the library as your favorite nonprofit (see above). Go to www.ebaygivingworks.com. and scroll down to the “Shop By” section to search for the Altamont Free Library. Click on “view” to go to the library’s page and then click on “donate works.”

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