Where else can I use my library card?
If you live in Albany or Rensselaer County, you can use your card at any of the 29 public libraries in the two counties. If you live in a different county, you can use your Altamont card at the discretion of the individual library.

Do you take book donations?
We take donations of books at a time throughout the year. We especially appreciate extra copies of current best sellers. We take books in bulk in the second week in May, prior to our annual book sale.

I have fines, may I still take out books?
You may take out books as long as your fines don’t exceed 5$. Then you are required to pay off at least a minimum amount to check out.

Is there a limit to how many items I can have out at the same time?
There is no limit on how many books you may take out, but there is a limit of 5 DVDs being taken out at a time.

Do you have books for sale?
We do, as it currently stands it is:
25¢ for paperback books
50¢ for hardback books
50¢ for cds and dvds

Is there Wi-Fi available inside the library?

Are there computers I can access?
There are currently 1 stand-up and 2 sit-down computers, both that would require you to sign in. We also provide 3 laptops that require your library card to take out. If all is in use and an hour has passed for the time you spent on the computer, you’re required to forfeit your spot for the next patron waiting.

I need to find a place to study/provide a program
If you are planning a program/event/study session, contact us on times you can use the room.

ItemsLoan PeriodLate FinesHow many can I borrow at once?
Fiction and nonfiction books4 weeks.10/DayUnlimited
New books2 weeks.10/DayUnlimited
Audio books4 weeks.10/DayUnlimited
Children’s and Teen books4 weeks.10/DayUnlimited
Magazines1 week.10/Day2
Music CDs2 weeks.25/DayUnlimited
DVDs1 week.25/Day5
G- Rated (children’s DVDs)1 week.10/Day5
Instructional DVDs4 weeks.25/Day5

Have any other questions? Feel free to call us at (518) 861-7239

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