Summer Reading Program!

The Summer Reading Program is a super fun series of free events and programs at the Altamont Free Library that celebrates reading, creativity and summer fun! The SRP Brochure, and Bingo Card can be found here. All programs are free and pre-registration is not required except for certain specified events.


Summer Reading Opening Ceremony

Friday, June 30th @ 4pm

Sign up for the Summer Reading Program, put on your hard hat and get ready to Build a Better Summer! There’ll be cupcakes, special guests and fun for the whole family!


“Build a Better…” Mornings

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday mornings from 9am to 11am

Drop into the library for ten minutes or an hour and get into these craft and project-based activities. Come once a week to learn a quick new craft or come every day to build something big and complicated!

July 5-7: Build a Better Flag

Kick off the Summer Reading Program by helping make a banner for the Library and make your own personal flag!

July 12-14: Build a Better Robot

Let the bot battle begin! Build your very own working robot and compete against other robots to find out whose bot is best!

July 19-21: Build a Better Garden

Help beautify the library, learn about how food is grown and put your own green stamp on a little piece of Altamont.

July 26-28: Build a Better Building

We’ll be building the buildings of our dreams using usual materials like Lego and blocks and unusual materials to learn all about architecture!

August 2-4: Build a Better Movie

Use the Lego Movie Maker App to make your own stop-motion animated movies then attend the red carpet premiere of your movies.

August 9: Build a Better Mess

There are lots of kinds of messes and we’re going to explore them all: Goopy messes, wet messes, dirty messes, and more!

August 16-18: Build a Better Artwork

We’ll close out our Summer Reading Program by making creative and unique artworks, using unusual techniques and unique materials.



Help Find Betty the Builder Bear

Any time, all summer

Betty the Builder Bear keeps getting lost in Altamont! Help find her and get her back on course to be entered into a special raffle!



Every Tuesday & Wednesday @ 10:30am


Friday Matinees

Fridays at 2pm

Beat the heat and pick up some sports skills from these family friendly movies. We’ll even make the popcorn.

Friday, July 7th The Lego Movie

Friday, July 16th The Batman Lego Movie

Friday, July 23rd The Secret Life of Pets

Friday, July 30th Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Friday, August 6th Sing

Friday, August 13th Moana

Fix your Bike!

Wednesday, July 12 @6pm & Saturday, July 29 @ 11am

Tires flat? Chain keep popping off? Need to adjust your seat but you can’t tell an allen wrench from a carrot? No worries, we’ll show you how to do basic bike repairs all on your own. We’ll have all the tools you’ll need, just bring your bike!


Summer Reading Celebration, Prize Pickup and Animal Visit!

Wednesday, August 16th @ 5pm

Celebrate all of the reading, building, crafting, and learning you’ve done all summer! Betty the Builder Bear will  find a new home. Afterwards, check out some awesome owls and other animals with wildlife rehabilitator Kelly Martin.


How the Summer Reading Program Works

Beginning on July 3rd you can play weekly Summer Reading Program BINGO using BINGO cards that you can get at the Kickoff Party or at the library. Every week, mark your BINGO card for every time you read, go to a library program, read, do an activity, read, act heroically, or, especially, when you read. For every line you get on your BINGO card (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) you’ll get a raffle ticket. Those raffle tickets will be used to win awesome prizes! The more lines you fill, the more tickets you earn, and the more chances you have to win a prize! If you need help accomplishing any of the tasks in the BINGO card safely, don’t forget to ask an adult you trust for help. If you need any help finding a great book to read, don’t forget to ask a librarian! Happy Reading!


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